I taught about beauty today. I wrote the word beauty on the board, and asked someone to define beauty. She pointed to me in a rather dramatic turn, looked into my eyes and said, “Miss Divinia, you’re beautiful.”

My first reaction was to deny it and say no, as I always do. Self depreciate. Or “esteem others above yourself” (Phil 2:3). Sometimes I struggle with drawing the line between the two. I often end up doing both, and the former. A lot. It often leads to a reinforcement of the wrong view of what pride and humility is too.

But I halted just as the words ‘no I’m not, you are’ were coming out of my mouth – what is the Truth of the Word of God? What did he say about creation? What did he say about beauty? 1 Peter 2:3 was the first verse that came to mind, followed by God making men in the image of Him, in His likeness – the falleness of men tainted this picture of perfect beauty but Christ came down to mend our broken glasses of perception, of behavior, of heart, into purity.

I paused deeply, and looked into her eyes, then the eyes of every student in class, “we, as humanity, were made beautiful, but somewhere along the way we started to do wrong, we started to think about ourselves only, we started to treat others unjustly and unlovingly. Like you, I am made beautiful – but badness still exists inside of me, I therefore struggle to be the beauty I’m created to be. Being beautiful is therefore a process. Each of you are made beautiful, but we struggle individually, we struggle as a classroom community, to stay beautiful. We must therefore constantly help each other, remind each other, correct each other and discipline each other, to reflect the beauty that we are supposed to be – and in this process extend grace to others when we fail to reflect that beauty.

Now, what is beauty again class?”

A student: “Beauty is not about outward appearance, it’s not about being always the best, but it’s about the purity of our heart.”

The whole class clapped, and agreed heartily.

This is a conversation in class that I’ll remember for a long time. Thank you Jesus once again, for giving me students that teach me & remind me many things everyday.

(Note: dialogue of what I said above not word for word – but tried to capture as much of it as possible)


Born out of whatsapp.

Torn. the high waves hit against the crippled soul

like the crumpling of the sail in the storm, the boat lashes spirit crushes, body sickens to uncertainty…

as it awaits a new beginning, a new shoreline, a new home;

“milk & honey will the promised land overflowth”, our lips chant to that picturesque hope, toward that beam that shines faintly through the eye of this storm

milk, quenching anxiety comforting flesh feeding hunger strengthening rattling bones purifying this darkening heart
honey, it’s sweetness to the lips is His promises to the fazzled mind, to nausea & pain- drip, drip, drip

dripping assurance, dripping abundance, dripping grace.

shall we ever be seasick again?

His pleasure

The sense of the Father’s pleasure, I’ll not exchange the world for.

God is love

One thing I love about Jesus:
He did not conceive love as constituted in a circle of friends, nor stopping at the rims of family alone. Love is about the stranger, the enemy – this very tipping point into senselessness exposing the very power of love; not the love of self that demands attachment toward a certain return but a love that comes from a being that has been filled. It is a love that absorbs so much of ‘being’ that it comes into a ‘crisis’ of identity at any point of meeting with another being – it’s apex of identity is to identify. Every human being makes up a part of the Creator’s heart; the pre-existing knowledge and Spirit He gives propels us toward this Call to meet intellectual, spiritual, emotional & physical needs. The Source is revealing Himself everyday.

May our love for others propel people toward loving God.


Smiles spark conversations.
It’s quite interesting to be on the streets each day; in buses, mrts, roadsides – a gaze into windows of another life establishing first contact – an intentional message to participate in the inner world of others. This is where sharing begins. This very cycle brought me to having conversations with different people from different walks of life today. From youth, to the elderly.. to the working adult. From convinient places like sitting side by side, to stopping on a bicycle just to talk… Towards topics like reminding each other to drink water everyday because its good for health, to listening to issues which are far away from me.. workplace politics, stress.

This brought me to thinking about how sharing was conceived in the Bible, how the principle of sharing is conceived today. More on this later, I got to go now.

Living on the Edge

Living on the edge, for some people, might mean going to holidays, canceling things to do on your bucket list, manufacturing a high by going on a roller-coaster. For me, living on the edge means giving up control of what you want to do next – the surrendered posture taking you into a mission that is driven by love – pushing you to the edge of yourself so that a world of possibilities can invade. It means dreaming big, praying boldly, loving deep; being in pursuit of a higher thought, a higher way – drawing light so another cm of goodness can be exposed. The thrill does not come by fast paced movements, but by a quiet waiting while doing what is required – steady callings intermixed with specific goings surprising nature causing you to be on your feet all the time in excited anticipation for the next season…. moving, yet being still which each moment captured in it’s fullness. A daily exuberance, not just a one off experience; in encountering people, in serving others, in realizing the divine ordinances emplaced in this drawing board of reality. 

The edge could push you off the cliff into a steady descending darkness, or send you experience a higher, ascending light…. Heart throbbing experience, without the anxieties; screams not of fear, but praise and delight; an excitement of what is unseen, signaling – no not red danger signs, but rest in the covering of His red ransomed blood. 

God, what’s next? 

Back for good?

Am back to writing in my blog again because God has been prompting me time and time and time and time again (through pple, nudging in my heart, etc) n reminding me of the really clear words He gave to me through a speaker .. but I’ve been abit lazy to record thoughts down cos there’s just too many thoughts (except w some writings in my private diary) struggling with a trust that He, the Producer in me who controls my thought actions and mind would be more than able to pull out any thought at the appropriate time and enable me to remember. But ‘believe’ or faith does not stand alone; a free flowing agent of trust that just concentrates on the spirit of ‘things not seen’ or the ‘things hoped for’- it is a substance, it is evidence – it dictates an order of obedience that is empirical in nature; not just an active spirit but an ‘actioned’ body.

So here I am back here again. And He’s doing it again, speaking to me through me writing. Yup, I need to write more. And be disciplined about it.